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Natures Kiss range is still our best selling product brand

Anyone who has used a product from the Natures Kiss range will know it does exactly what it says on the pot... But don't take their word for it, try some today.

Herbal Relief - arnica and peppermint based herbal anti-inflammatory - used by the All Blacks rugby team, so it must be good.

Chafe Ease - used by top cyclists to make their riding more comfortable.

Recovery - after sport, oil based massage creme to help remove the aches and pains of hard training and encourage your body to heal.

Hot Stuff - for cold days on the bike, out running and even on the football field... it keeps you warm for hours and hours. Smells great too!

Possibly the best pump head adaptor in the world - NEW IMPROVED MODEL

A bold claim indeed but we are pretty sure you will like what we have to say, and will really like the new finish, and guess what - its even easier to use due the new larger cams taking more load.

A) It will fit almost any disc wheel in the world - just so long as the valve stem is not ridiculously long
B) It will, if needed, pump up to 300psi without needing someone to hold it in place.
And if we needed a C) it would be that we have taken the well known Yoko adaptor from Japanese manufacturer Hirame, combined it with some new adaptations, made it stronger at the handle, easier to use, and even better value for money at less than half the price of other variations on the market, and includes added value by adding a hose clip to fit it and plus we give you a spare rubber grommit to extend its lifetime too.
What more could you want?
We love them and you will too!



>CeramicSpeed - Part of the Victory

>CeramicSpeed NEW OSPW Oversized pulley wheels!

This CeramicSpeed Oversized Pulley Wheel System is developed for performance optimisation and the watt savings start at 2.4 watts but can easily be 5 watts if your existing pulleys are super sticky. The system is made from high quality materials with 17-tooth aluminium pulley wheels mounted with high quality CeramicSpeed bearings, in standard or coated version. The cage is made from carbon fibre and reinforced PA.

How can they do this you say?

The optimisation of your drivetrain with the new CeramicSpeed OSPW System delivers access to the industry leading efficiency with watt savings that can save between 3 and 5 watts. The high quality of the cage material and the CeramicSpeed bearings inside the pulleys offer you an extreme longevity, which is 3-5 longer than other commonly used pulley wheels on the market.

Like all other products delivered by CeramicSpeed, this product has also undergone a thorough test program. We are proud to say that professional triathletes like Tim Don and Tyler Butterfield are amazed with the new pulley wheels system and have great feedback of the products so far.

They're here now. Go to www.ceramicspeed.com , click on the list of UK retailers to find your closest store.

Just to note that we are the UK distributor and if you are interested in joining our retail network, drop us a line at david_jack@btconnect.com or if you are looking for a specific product, check out Ceramicspeed.com and then call us on 01299890101.

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